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Bob has been around long enough to have seen more than one real estate bubble.  Yes, there has been more than one; it's just that this last one was really big.  And Bob predicted it and disposed off all his rental property by 2004.  Folks laughed at Bob saying, "You are too conservative." We all know what happened.  Bob started buying property again in late 2010, both inside and outside California.

Bob stays tuned to the industry, constantly polling his clients and experts in the real estate industry about what they are doing, and what they are seeing, and  (without sharing names, of course) shares that information with all his real estate clients. 

Bob calls this learning it from the "Old Guard" and sharing it with the "New Guard."  By the old guard Bob means those seasoned veteran real estate developers, investors, sales agents and others who made a lot of mistakes, learned from those mistakes, made an absolute killing during the bubble and have made it through the bubble's burst with the bulk of their wealth intact. 

Bob loves the established real estate pros and they love him.   They know Bob has seen it all, if there is a way to structure a deal and tax, Bob not only knows about it, he's probably dealt with it at least a time or two.   Knowledge plus creativity equals results.

In addition to the old guard, a new guard has stormed into the market.  These folks didn't lose their house when the bubble burst.  They make good money at their day jobs and now they have some cash accumulated and they are seeing the same things Bob is seeing - the continuation of low interest rates screams "OPPORTUNITY."  Some of them have seen so much opportunity they have quit their day jobs to work in real estate full time.

Questions to ask yourself about your current advisors:

  1. Do your current financial advisers know how the real estate market works?
  2. Do they know to help you take advantage of these opportunities? 
  3. Do your advisors share their client's positive and negative experiences with you?  
  4. Do they have personal experiences to share as well because they are real estate investors themselves?

Bob's clients can answer yes to all four.

Commercial Real Estate

Bob has expertise working with all of the following -

  • Sales and Purchases
    • Tax-Free Sec. 1031 (Starker) Exchanges
    • Turning Ordinary Income Into Capital Gain
    • Condemnations - Actual and Threatened
  • How to Hold Your Real Estate
    • Choice of Entity
    • Dealer Versus Investor Status
  • Increasing Your Deductions
    • Cost Segregation Studies
    • Real Estate Professional Status
  • Troubled Real Estate
    • Getting "Trapped" Real Estate Out of a Corporation
    • Foreclosure or Workout Studies
    • Real Estate in Bankruptcy
  • Other Real Estate Issues
    • Tax Benefits of Owning Your Own Building
If it has to do with real estate, Bob's worked with it.  Bob's clients have been involved in:
  • Commercial office, retail and industrial development and operation 
  • Single family rentals
  • Multi-family rentals
  • Home builders - Production and Custom
  • Land development
  • Real estate brokers -Commercial and Residential
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Property Management - Commercial and Residential
  • Mortgage pools

Folsom Real Estate - Trulia


Bob has begun building an online library of articles, flowcharts and worksheets to help you optimize the tax aspects of owing real estate.  See the links below:


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